About Our Story

After serving in our home city, ‘Punjab’ for over 25 years.  SIDHU ELECTRICALS is now available to cater its services online. We are grateful to our customers for their support and trust in us. With the same enthusiasm and Trust, We are proud to take our retail channels from the roads of Ludhiana to an Omni-channel. The comfort and convenience of our customers have always been our utmost priority and through this Omni-channel, we ensure you that our assistance and amenities will be accessible to you 24×7. You can shop here for over 4000+ branded electronics and gadgets. You say and it’s here. Choose from our wide variety and we will deliver the product from the local stores near you to your doorstep.

Our quality products, crazy deals and easy EMI options make the payment easier and your buying experience even more pleasant.

What we offer?

Technological developments make our lives easier right? Then what better when technology makes it, even more, easier to buy your favourite necessities right from home comfort at the same traditional trust policies of buying electronics from your nearby stores. Now, initiate your transactions without any hesitations because we are here to hear you and help like we are at our offline stores across the city. We aim to make ourselves attainable and approachable nationwide for whosoever looking for the following products:

Want to buy exclusive cool smart watches, ear podes, earbuds, headphones or home assistants. Just visit our online shop and buy your trusted brands like Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, etc. we enable you to have trouble-free shopping by helping in comparing and choosing the best fit for you.

The latest add on to the basic necessity, mobile phones or smartphones are a must-buy for almost everyone. Choose your phone from a diverse range of latest products according to your preferences and pricing filters.  Mobile phones from Brands like Apple, Xiaomi, Samsung, Vivo, oppo, etc can be bought and clubbed with the add on gadgets and accessories.

After working hard for the whole day, we all need to relieve some stress. Movies, music and mast can create some magical moments if are available in their best form. Then comes our entertainment partners who take care of our leisure. Smart Television, music systems, speakers, for a perfect break all you need is what we have for you.

Troubled in working from home calls for a new laptop, iPad or a tab. In the era of online education and online office, effortlessly working help can make your daily tasks a little less hectic. Hp, LG, Dell, etc. brands work to make the best for you and we aim to get the best for you at our stores.

So, for the effortless shopping, let’s make the LOKOSTOP the new STOP for your every need.