Let’s Give a Tea-Break to Covid-19

Tea, The most widely consumed beverage is adding aromatic flavors to billions around the world since 5000 BCE. Tea intervals are all what we need in between the usual daily grind. Anonymous by the fact that, this relaxing break is adding years to lives.
Yes, you read it right. Ever wondered why our mothers or grandmothers always insist us to have a masala chai while battling with cold or cough. Because it is just not for adding warmth in us while enjoying rain with pakoras. It is much more than being a mere flavorful beverage. It has wonderful medicinal powers which unknowingly protect us from the diseases like heart diseases and cancer. On the top of that, lately it has been found that antioxidants in tea are having our back while we are fighting against this fatal problem. Different varieties of tea have their own beneficial strengths, where green tea lowers the chances of catching cold and cough; masala tea and oolong tea help in boosting our immune system. Moreover the relaxation and distressing qualities of tea helps in keeping an intact immune system by lowering our stress and maintaining healthy and refreshing vibes. A freshly brewed cup of tea and you are good to fight against the pandemic.

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