Tea – an unsaid emotion

India is one of the leading tea producer with more than 70% domestic consumption of the total production. Undoubtedly Indian’s love for their tea is an undying love story with a happy ending as you will always end up being satisfied and relaxed.

We have a different kind of feeling for tea. We need to have it to freshen up ourselves, we socialize over tea,  werejuvenate through tea, we treat our cold and cough or headache with tea and what not.  If you ask a tea lover, he could even have it in between sleeps. It’s unbelievable but my mother literally ate golgappas filled with hot tea to prove her love for it.  Crazy! Isn’t it?  Actually not, what kind of tea lover you are if you haven’t bet over tea.

Nonetheless traditional masala tea is a must beverage in Indian households and we are aware of its medicinal benefits even before it must have been found. A cup of tea is a cup of peace for some here while others like to do all kind of discussions over tea as it is the ultimate solution provider and it’s truth you can’t convince me otherwise.

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