Our Story

Necessity is the mother of inventions. Necessities never end and so did the invention. 

In this era of unfaltering schedules, one needs to be diligent enough to get the work done with the utmost perfection. The latest addition of the pandemic added another dimension into our lives. We desperately try to keep sound health.

Now here arose the necessity. Necessity to have something that could keep us agile, something that can take us back from all the stress and let us enter the world where we could loosen ourselves and enjoy the beauty of being alive peacefully.

Not to forget about the health, the most important asset. So what’s the need of that particular moment. A perfect cup of Tea or Coffee. Tea or Coffee, the two most savored beverages. A whiff of a perfect tea or coffee has the ability to do wonders. Keeping the priorities in mind, we created MAGIC OF BEANS.

A magical experience within a cup is what we aimed at. We prepared a magnificent product line bottled up with the goodness of ever so refreshing tea leaves and aromatic coffee beans. The 100 percent organic products will surely justify the nutritional, medicinal and contentment value of Tea and coffee.

Finally, you have a brand with transperency both in packaging and ingridients. A brand you can trust for yourself and your family!