Arabica coffee

Did you know???

12th century marks the inceptive period of the first ever cultivation of coffee.  It was first cultivated on highlands of Ethiopia, from there it went to Arab where it was first brewed. It captures Around 60% of world coffee cultivation, thus making it most widely consumed beans all over the world. Yourfavorite coffee that you might grab in your nearest café is most probably none other than the Arabica coffee.

The taste and aroma which can make you freak out for a while and arose that impatient child deep inside you arrives from this authentic coffee. Getting such pleasure with the comfort of being at home is truly a heavenly feeling. It’s hard to believe but you can have that moment to relish and savor your perfect cup right from your homes. The 100 percent organic and original Arabica coffee with MAGIC OF BEANS promises you to have the taste of authentic coffee with your favorite flavors without even a slight pinch of dishonesty.

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