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Myth v/s reality

Coffee causes insomnia

There is no truth in the statement that coffee in any way can affect your sleep.Our body acts in the removal of caffeine content in quite swiftly. Thus you won’t be having any problem while sleeping if you had your last cup minimum six hours before going to bed.

Tea acts as a slow poison

You must have heard it from somewhere that tea is slow poison and one should not have it.  Here’s the truth……

Tea should not be taken immediately after your meals because it can cause acidity. Except this there is nothing wrong in having it. Rather having tea has scientifically proven to be beneficial for health in numerous terms.

Coffee can cause cancer and cardiovascular disease

Consumption of 300 milligrams Or 3 cups a day doesn’t affect us in any way. INFACT it has been found that coffee has curative qualities against cancer as it helps in protect the cells from getting damaged.Moreover there is no link been found between coffee intake and heart issue s. However one suffering from heart disease and high blood pressure could experience little rise in heart beats and thus it is recommended to discuss your caffeine intake with your doctor.

Tea and coffee have dehydrating effects

This is absolutely untrue to say that the consumption of these beverages could result in dehydration. The water content in both of them adds up to our fluid intakes and even cut the caffeine dehydrating effects.

Milk tea is not beneficial

Here is the another myth that we should stop believing. It is true that green tea, black tea,  oolong tea have several health benefits but the latest studies have proven that adding milk in tea doesn’t affect it’s antioxidants. Ratherit adds its own nutrients into it. Majority population in India is having milk tea and it is quite enough to reject the statement

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